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Friday, July 31, 2009

I Have Decided...

...that Children At Heart are due for a makeover. And what better place to begin than with the name of the band. Apparently the boys recently had another band reunion, although missing a couple of the old crew including Mike Vaughn and the beloved Stringbean Wilson. So what would you have the band call themselves today? Here are my favorites:

Children with Heart Disease
Children At Heart with Children
Graybeards and the Nipple Twins (see picture)
Lonely Toe and the Boys
Ear Hair
Creakin' Knees
Searching For Mike
Smokin' Hot Wives Club (congrats fellas, we all married up)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have You Ever Seen Chernobyl... the springtime? It's quite lovely these days, believe it or not. As you may or may not remember, Ukraine which was then a part of the Soviet Union was host to the single worst nuclear power disaster in history. It is the only recorded level 7 instance as measured by the International Nuclear Event Scale. What is that, you may ask? Er... well... I don't know, but it's worse than a level 6 instance. And seven times worse than those pesky level 1 instances.

Anyway, I was watching a documentary on the History Channel where apparently radiation levels are low enough that so-called experts have gone back in to video the demise of the small town since the evacuation and subsequent 20 years of neglect. And you know what? Despite radiation; Despite level 7 instances; Despite man's knack for messing up in a pretty big way, nature is thriving. Animals and plants are multiplying and thriving. The rusty remnants of civilization beginning to disappear.

Think of our lives. Everyday, we leave a footprint on the universe. Oh the heck with that, everyday we leave a footprint on our neighborhood, our children, even the guy who sold you the stamps at the post office. And that footprint is either a lasting scar... or a memory of something kind and good. It's either a pleasurable experience that carries one through the day, or a level 1-7 instance.

The upside to all of this is that whether you choose to be someones hero or just choose to crush them into submission, your influence (good or bad) is a bit fleeting. The zigzag sneaker print slowly fades into obscurity. Just as there is a big difference in Chernobyl in the springtime of 1986 as compared to now. So I suppose, just for today, I'll choose to leave a good footprint on the public servant hawking my postage stamps. For in this life at least, twenty years of influence, well that can be a pretty good stretch.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rumor Has It...

...that Jay and Caryn will open a coffee shop when they settle in Lexington, SC. I thought it would be fun to offer some names for such a shop. You know, just to help move the process along. Here are my top picks (OK, some are just stupid). What are yours?

"Coffee's Kicking In Express"
"Lexington Roasters"- tag line: "It's hot out here"
"Beans and Berries" (could sell smoothies too)
"Black and Tan Coffee"
"Not Your Average Coffee Bar"
"Wake Up and Go To Bed"
"Smell This"
"Cafe' Nate" (play on caffeinate)
"Caf N 8 Ed"
"Cool Beans"
"Warning, Coffee is Hot"

Meredith Enjoys...

..a well deserved smoothly after a day of rough-housing in her mouth by her new orthodontist. It feels so strange to see her rubber band, wire and metal ridden smile, vaguely reminiscent of the Jaws character from the Bond films. She sure looks pretty to me.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Leslie and I have had a ball with our new puppy. The interesting twist is, that up until Friday of last week the girls had no idea that we had a new puppy. They had been at camp for two weeks and we had been tight lipped about the whole thing. You can imagine the surprise they had when we pulled up with their new pal. I think I captured it pretty well on film. Take a look.

Daisy is on the lookout for her sisters while we wait in line just inside the Camp Crestridge gates.
Meredith is excited about meeting Daisy for the first time. Love at first sight.

Jenna is delighted with the new addition to our home. She couldn't stop smiling.

The three girls, together at last...

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today was a good day. After many months of missing our dog Flossie Mae we have found another member of the Green family. Let me introduce you to 12 week old Daisy Mae. We picked her up today from a rescue group in Columbia. Welcome home Daisy.
Shhhhhh... The girls are at camp and don't know about their new sister yet. Won't they be surprised when Daisy picks them up on Friday!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lonely Toe Update

I am please to say that we have the latest on TLT. He appears to be back in his normal routine and doing extremely well, albeit a bit lonely. Nicely done, George. Click here for the update.

Granny's Bag-O-Beans

My dear, dear children. Ol' Granny's got an interesting one for you today. Did you know the painting of Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. As it turns out, it was the style back in Renaissance Florence to shave them off. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Everyone knows that the best way to treat eyebrows is to pluck them silly right down to super-thin lines and then, well, paint them back on. Works for all us Grannys. Until next time, goodbye dear hearts.