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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holding the Bag

I received a call from a friend a few days ago, who reminded me about an incident in my life several years ago. At the time I was a military account manager for a large pharmaceutical company. If you've ever visited a military base of any sort, you know that there are certain procedures and regulations that you must follow while on site. These include signing in at the gate, wearing you identification badge, and keeping your gear with you at all times.

As it so happens, I was calling on Womack, the large hospital on Fort Bragg, NC. That day, Merle, my boss at the time, decided to ride along with me. I welcomed the company and only asked that Merle carry my large red duffel bag containing various pharma giveaways (pens, pads, etc.).

About mid-afternoon an alarm went off in the hospital and the entire west wing was evacuated. There was apparently a bomb threat which had been reported in the area we were working. After 20 minutes of standing in the hot sun, the doors of the empty clinic opened and someone in a full fire-suit and face shield emerged. On the end of a set of 6 foot tongs, was a large red bag. Merle, having used a payphone earlier in the day, had inadvertently left the bag by the phones. One of the medical staff asked, "Hey Green, isn't that your bag?". Merle then turned to me and said he had a conference call to get on, got in his car and left. For the next 2 hours I spent explaining the situation to the military police. It was a moment, in which I was quite literally left holding the bag.

Merle retired 6 months later.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Camping with the Greens

Well, the Green girls have returned from 2 weeks of camp CrestRidge and fun was had by all. Or at least the girls had fun. Leslie and I stayed here and worked. In fact, the entire two weeks of potential honeymoonin' (Aw come on. I know you were thinkin it) was spent with me either at the office or the two of us painting the girls rooms. If I hear, "you missed a spot" one more time...

Oh well. Life is like that at times. On the upside, the girls really did have a dynamic time at Crestridge. You should check out the video of that place sometime. Here are a couple of pictures of the Meredith and Jenna and their cabin-mates.

Anyway, I thought you may be interested in a few things that I learned at camp, so many years ago:
1) Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Especially if you have a cabin-mate with a camp axe who appears slightly misguided. (based on actual event)
2) There is no such thing as a monkey-dog (scary campfire story) and there was probably never an escaped mental patient with an axe, on the loose at camp. On second thought, I must reread my first entry.
3) Lloyd Brewer sings in his sleep.
4) Kevin Bridges talks in his sleep. Generally quotes from the book Watership Down.
5) I was Danny's hero for a day at camp. Whatever happened to that kid?
6) I had the biggest crush on the brown haired girl at camp. My girls will not ever be attending co-ed camp.
7) Horseback riding is better left to theory.
8) Water balloon fights rock!
9) Camp food is pretty good, considering you are so hungry at the end of the day you would eat a wet sock.
10) Swimming in a pond is not a problem as a kid, but as an adult it's the equivalent of swimming in a sewage processing vat.

But enough of my wisdom for one night, my children. Please share your own camping stories.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Strike Has Ended

OK. I admit it. I have been lame when it comes to posting to the blog, as of late. I have no excuse except to note that we all, occasionally, fall down on the job.
I'm happy to say that things are going well on the home front. This has been the most quiet 2 weeks of my life as the girls have both been away at summer camp. Camp Crestridge is the girls equivalent to Camp Ridgecrest, located near Black Mountain, NC. It's a really cool place with all of the things you'd expect from a summer camp. Horses, archery, swimming, zip-line, hiking, rock wall, etc. On top of that, it is a Christian based curriculum. Pretty cool.
However, Leslie and I are looking forward to picking the girls up, tomorrow. We have missed them very much. Not enough that we will not enroll them for next year, however.