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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm a Sucker

Tonight, I sit and listen the "The Winner Takes It All" by Abba. A pretty cheesewiz song, but somehow hauntingly beautiful. It strikes me that sappy stuff, frankly, affects me. Last night I wept like a child watching Kurt Cameron in "Fireproof". Once you get past the low budget stuff, it's a very moving and inspirational film. Kurt, of course, never quite sent me to the bathroom for a tissue like that when he was the kid, in that obvious ripoff of 1980's Family Ties.

Of course, other things move me deeply these days as well. Kurt Warner's story of a struggling athlete making it into the big league (He's in the Super Bowl this year); The inauguration of America's first African American president; The death of NC State's women's BB coach, Kay Yow; The loss of my dog, Flossie; etc. The bottom line is, in my old age, I am a sap who wears my feelings like a checkered red and white set of overalls. (I don't know why I wrote that, but it just cracked me up. Sounds like Shoney's Big-Boy, to me.)

I must go and wipe my eyes now. They are moist from remembering a favorite treat of mine. A hot fudge Sunday at Shoney's near the airport. Aah.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cary Snow

Well, while away, the girls and Leslie enjoyed some snow. I use the phrase "enjoyed", but should make it clear that the phrase is past tense. As anyone knows, snow is wonderful for a fleeting moment in time. The beauty and wonder of falling flakes and smooth white undulations are soon replaced by sloppy, cold, muddy mess. I'm sure there is a deep lesson in life somewhere in that last sentence.

The girls enjoy their winter wonderland.

Jenna bites the dust after giving Meredith a push.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

Today, Leslie said that someone made the comment that I had "too much time on my hands", since I have a blog. The idea struck me as rather amusing since, as any of you readers well know, I rarely post stories and if I do they tend to be rather short. To boot, they are generally drivel which I pound out at 10:00 PM, long after the kids are asleep and the workday is over. Anyway, who really cares.

As for this weekend, as many of you know, my Mother-In-Law is very ill and hospitalized in Florence. Please continue to pray for her, as so far, she seems to be progressing in the right direction. She still has a long way to go, however. Thanks for taking a moment out of your day to lift her up in prayer.

Hey, check out the link above for the best song/worst video winner of the day!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Freezin' in Philly

Wow. I've been in Philadelphia all week in training for my new position. I'll be there a couple more weeks to boot. I can tell you this, though, that town is bone chilling cold. As I walk each morning from the Soffitel Hotel to GSK, the frigid air cuts right through me. The coat, which I thought was wind proof is obviously not. With no adequate winter hat, my ears begin to feel like frozen flowers, delicate and brittle. Poetic, don't you think?

On the bright side, I enjoyed spending some time with my brother, Scott, in the big city. I plan to have dinner with him when I fly back on Sunday afternoon. Leslie and I are not happy with the current arrangement (her in Cary, me in Philly) but it is a small investment in the position for which I am very happy to have. Especially considering other's situation at the moment.

By the way, for you dirty minded readers, that's William Penn's cane. Shame on you!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I'd like to welcome my friend, "Bill from the parking lot..." to the club. I encourage and welcome your commentsk BFTPL! Alan