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Friday, January 9, 2009

Freezin' in Philly

Wow. I've been in Philadelphia all week in training for my new position. I'll be there a couple more weeks to boot. I can tell you this, though, that town is bone chilling cold. As I walk each morning from the Soffitel Hotel to GSK, the frigid air cuts right through me. The coat, which I thought was wind proof is obviously not. With no adequate winter hat, my ears begin to feel like frozen flowers, delicate and brittle. Poetic, don't you think?

On the bright side, I enjoyed spending some time with my brother, Scott, in the big city. I plan to have dinner with him when I fly back on Sunday afternoon. Leslie and I are not happy with the current arrangement (her in Cary, me in Philly) but it is a small investment in the position for which I am very happy to have. Especially considering other's situation at the moment.

By the way, for you dirty minded readers, that's William Penn's cane. Shame on you!


George said...

Man, I'm glad you cleared up that it's his cane. I was doubting your claim that it was cold at all.

Rick said...

I'll be up there sometime in February for a customer site visit. Will probably miss you, and will avoid the cane.

Kyle said...

When you're there walking in that cold, cold air do sometimes wish somebody would walk up to you and thump your ear as hard as they can?
You could both just laugh and laugh.

George said...

Are SURE that's a cane? Seriously that photo cracks me UP! You should have titled this post something like "Penn is Exposed". Get it? A very important space in the title makes it funny.

Ah, and my verification word is "plubness". I don't have a difinition for it, but it's funny sounding.

Alan said...

Plubness- When Penn is exposed and larger than a cane.

Ha, mine is "mantabs". too easy...