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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Kids Story...

...surfaces in my mind from time to time.  When Meredith was 3 or 4 we were visiting Leslie's mom out of town.  Now if you know my mother-in-law you will also know that she taught her daughters to cook.  And to cook well!  I think my muffin top hanging over my shorts proves that.  When I take my shirt off it looks as if a can of biscuits exploded.

Anyway, during a visit with the ma-in-law, Leslie and her sister Jane made a beautiful, fluffy, snow-white coconut cake.  This thing was art, and tasted better than it looked.  Flaky, shaved coconut heavily sprinkled on light and fluffy icing- covering a perfectly moist triple layer yellow-cake.  Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island would hang her head in shame if she'd seen this.  While passing slices of heaven around the table, Meredith looked on with a discerning eye, a look on her face as if we were trying to sell her Amway. 

"Try it Meredith, you'll love it," we urged.  She hesitantly took the cake and after studying it decided to try a small bite.  Now I suppose that in the thrill of the moment, as that cake hit her mouth, she gasped in delighted surprise or something.  Because she promptly began to choke on the coconut cake.  Her face turned beet-red and it took several moments of wild confusion to get her calm and stop the coughing and gagging.

When she had finally pulled it all together, she looked around the room and exclaimed, "I'm allergic to coconut!" To this day she has never been able to shake her childhood "allergy" and will refuse most things with coconut.

What's an "allergy" from your childhood?

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Charlotte said...

I can't recall having one, but my son Daniel swears he is allergic to dinosaur fossils.