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Friday, July 31, 2009

I Have Decided...

...that Children At Heart are due for a makeover. And what better place to begin than with the name of the band. Apparently the boys recently had another band reunion, although missing a couple of the old crew including Mike Vaughn and the beloved Stringbean Wilson. So what would you have the band call themselves today? Here are my favorites:

Children with Heart Disease
Children At Heart with Children
Graybeards and the Nipple Twins (see picture)
Lonely Toe and the Boys
Ear Hair
Creakin' Knees
Searching For Mike
Smokin' Hot Wives Club (congrats fellas, we all married up)


Ferdlings said...

30 Something's at Heart?

(Does Coley look smaller?)

George said...

Nipple twins? Dude that hurts! Although "Creakin' Knees" is very appropriate and funny without the man boob jab.

Maybe these names would be possibilities:

Tighty Whitey and the Skid Marks


Graybeards and the Nipple Triplets (once Mike is added to the photos)

Graybeards and the Nipple Quartet (once Mike is back and Alan joins the band. Alan doesn't have nipples, but he DOES enjoy looking at them.)

Stingbean Wilson and the White Bread Boys

Alan said...
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