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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Leslie and I have had a ball with our new puppy. The interesting twist is, that up until Friday of last week the girls had no idea that we had a new puppy. They had been at camp for two weeks and we had been tight lipped about the whole thing. You can imagine the surprise they had when we pulled up with their new pal. I think I captured it pretty well on film. Take a look.

Daisy is on the lookout for her sisters while we wait in line just inside the Camp Crestridge gates.
Meredith is excited about meeting Daisy for the first time. Love at first sight.

Jenna is delighted with the new addition to our home. She couldn't stop smiling.

The three girls, together at last...


Kyle said...

That is so cool. Who was more excited, the girls the puppy or you guys?

Rick said...

Was going to ask the same thing - the puppy probably had NO IDEA there were other kids in the house. What a trauma!

:) Great job - looks like it was a fun intro for all.

The Nicholsons said...

If I ever cave in and get these kids a puppy, I'm going to do it JUST LIKE THIS. Awesome.

And it's name will be sopse, because that's my verification word.