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Monday, July 27, 2009

Rumor Has It...

...that Jay and Caryn will open a coffee shop when they settle in Lexington, SC. I thought it would be fun to offer some names for such a shop. You know, just to help move the process along. Here are my top picks (OK, some are just stupid). What are yours?

"Coffee's Kicking In Express"
"Lexington Roasters"- tag line: "It's hot out here"
"Beans and Berries" (could sell smoothies too)
"Black and Tan Coffee"
"Not Your Average Coffee Bar"
"Wake Up and Go To Bed"
"Smell This"
"Cafe' Nate" (play on caffeinate)
"Caf N 8 Ed"
"Cool Beans"
"Warning, Coffee is Hot"


Rick said...

Lex's Cup o' Joe
Howard, Fine & Howard
We Ain't Cheese
Buzz's Bistro

George said...

Regular Joe's (it's Joe and it keeps you regular)

Pot Head's Café (as in coffee pot)

Pacific Grits Café

Movies & Mocha

The Coffee Snob

Beans beans good for your heart

The Man from Manchester's café

Indiana Jones and the Last Café

Charlotte said...

Meet Joe Black's (or with Cream and Sugar)

Coffee, Tea, or, More Coffee

The Morndog (Caryn will get this one)


The Sit-n-Sip

DRINK (a nod to the big EAT side up the interstate)

Aptomo (my verification word)

Charlotte said...

That should read big EAT sign, not side. Guess who hasn't had her coffee this morning?

Alan said...

My word verification is Fecsi, which would make a disgusting name for a coffee place.
My favorite so far is Charlotte's
"Mugsy's". That is just fantastic!
Although George's "Pot Head's" is funny, but would surely attract the Seattle crowd... hey, wait a minute.

James said...

Mugsy's is fantastic - might work on Chicago's south side. Also, Howard Fine & Howard.

Two I might add:

Java Jolly's (Tagline: "Kick it!")
Nigel Sharples' Wifi Geekfest Cafe