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Monday, October 13, 2008

Snowball is Alive

For all of you wondering if a hamster was harmed in the Greenbean household, never fear. Snowball has been found safe and sound with nothing more than a nasty cowlick. She returns to Jenna's school, this morning, a bit wiser to the ways of the world. Flossie will miss her.

I, however, look forward to her departure. Her loud squeaks were especially hard to take at 4:00am. Goodbye, sweet rodent, goodbye.


Steve said...

I wouldn't blame the dog. Hamster's good eatin'. Gotta keep stiring the pot with them, though. They'll settle to the bottom and stick to the bottom of the pot.

Martha said...

I'm not much for hamsters, but that one is cute!

Kyle said...

I had a pig named Hamster.
Baconster didn't sound good.

Squid said...

Yesterday, I held a puppy that weighed 1 and a half pounds.
Looked kinda like that rat.