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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Flossie and Snowball

A couple of days ago I wrote a short, complaining about getting old. I should not complain. Flossie May has been with Leslie and me for over 15 years now and in dog years, that's...well, a bunch. She's been a terrific companion and family member, but we can see her slow decline has begun to speed up lately.

Jenna, as a reward of some sort, was able to bring home the class mascot named Snowball. Here she is, showing Flossie who's boss. Shortly after this photo was taken, Flossie ate Snowball. I was proud she still had a bit of the ole spunk in her.


Kyle said...

Go Flossie May! Keep your little corner of the world rodent free.

James said...

It was bound to happen.