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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

40 and Beyond

I am stunned when I realize that most of my friends are old men. They whine about their knees, scratch balding heads and generally fart more than your average youngster. Sickening really.

The reality is, some of my friends act older than others. Some even look older than they are. And then there are the few who seem to defy age. They are the basically the same boy or girl they were in high school or college. I hate them.

As for me, I must now go take my bath and soak my aching knee. My receding hair needs combing and I must treat Leslie to a bit of the ol' musical pants before the urge leaves me. Good night dear children and relish your youth. It will be gone in the morning.


Rick said...

Y'all are all older than me. Except Steve - whippersnapper.

Martha said...

I think you are forgetting the real youngun' in the crowd! I have the corner on that market (at least in the high school circle).

George said...

I think I fall into that category of looking older than I am. I don't feel that old...unless I try to move, that is.