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Monday, October 13, 2008

New Game

Here's a new game for you bloggers. Many of you have become lazy and refuse to leave comments. This has to end! Half the fun is commentary, so if you are just checking these from your phone or something and are not leaving comments- well, stop it! Shame on you.

To get you back in the habit, please answer this entry in the following way:
Upon leaving a comment, you will notice a "word verification". Please write your "word verification" word with your proposed definition and send it my way. Real life example: Smelvd- Any variety of midgets commonly employed to pose as an elf during the Christmas season. As in: Miles made his living as a Smelvd, but found that the summers were particularly lean. Now wasn't that easy.


Rick said...

Just to let you know that I'm leaving the safety of my google reader to join in your nefarious game.

Bob jumped from the Gervais Street Bridge, bouncing annoyingly on his idwmdf all the way down the Riverwalk.

Charlotte said...

Mine is strangely obscene, but I'll try to put a semi-decent spin on it.


Labeled a sucykwkr in an early performance evaluation, Jerome found himself trapped in a dead end job.

Martha said...

bcsxtfn - I became the sixth fan (bcsxtfn) at a basketball game. This would equate with being the 12th man for my gamecock football team.

Actually, this was not my first thought, as I wanted to make a derogatory clemson comment, but this is a family page.

George said...

Great game idea.


After the merger of RJR Nabisco and Hardy Boys Inc, the new company, RJ HardyBoys Inc opened on the NYSC as RJHRDBYI, the longest abreviation ever for a cracker/investigative services conglomerate.

Kyle said...

Okie Dokie, Artichokie.


The Brand name for a popular Russian made dog ration.

"Boris, while you are in line at store, you pick up more Ysvlpo for dog."

The Nicholsons said...

hrarrz = slang for hooray.

Yeah, I see your kick-ass clutter free fridge and granite counters. Well, whoopty doo and hrarrz for you.

Ferdlings said...

Ftoow: the audible sound spitting makes.

"When Boris heard his wife's command he said, "Ftoow! No food for gay dog!"

Martha said...

I vote for ftoow as the best!!!!

Alan said...

I am so impressed with you all. Can't wait to see more. Oh, here's another:

asteqx- medicated ointment applied to hemorrhoidal tissue. Corporate tagline: Got an ass to fix, apply asteqx. Hey, catchy.

Steve said...

I like it. Something fresh and new. Change we can all believe in that won't raise my taxes.

VPOBNU: Short for "Very People Obama Knew," a long list of shady characters that continue to come out of the woodwork.

Todd said...

Dook, this is very clever. What a cool game.

OBOEZO - The Czechoslovakian word for "Chili Fart."

Bjorn stifled a snicker as he overheard the OBOEZO in the stall beside him.

Lori said...

lljalmt - a derogatory name given to midget types.

Gary Coleman is quite the little lljalmt.

Great game! I laughed out loud at the comments!

James said...

aguxb - ah-gooks'-b, noun - the semi-moist remnant of a nasal booger that clings undetected to the nostril opening