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Friday, December 24, 2010

I Love Everything...

...about Christmas.  Part of the reason is that everything about the season brings back fantastic memories for me.  Memories of visiting my great-grandparents in Spartanburg, SC.  I had two complete sets of great-grandparents until I was 10 years old.  Memories of favorite Christmas meals and beautiful Christmas music. (Do you hear what I hear?)  The smell of baking cookies and hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows.  Riding around in the family LTD looking at manger scenes and light displays in front yards, some of them pretty remarkable.  Christmas movies with the family.  The thrill of going to bed a tad early on Christmas Eve, awaiting a visit by the jolly fat man.

Today and tomorrow I continue to build memories with my own children.  I-Carly is having a very special "seasons greetings" episode on the upstairs TV.  The kids will need to help us clean the house and straighten up for family visits tonight.  They can also help me finish picking up a few last minute items for their Mom and the dog needs her teeth brushed (her breath could knock you over).  While I'm at it I'll fuss at them for not cleaning their rooms.  Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls!

Could it be that the good memories override the cruddy ones- the downside of Christmases-past forgotten or repressed.  For my kids sake, I hope so.  Even as I sit here trying to write them down, good Christmas memories seem to flow pretty easily while the bad ones seem a bit more distant.  And with time, maybe the bad ones are gone altogether; who knows.  Maybe that's a Christmas gift in and of itself.

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