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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Leah!

I'm proud of my baby sister and wanted to celebrate her birthday (December 12, 1974) with a handful of memories in the form of grainy family snapshots.  
Leah with my mom, Janelle, after her adoption from Vietnam.  She was on one of the last US planes out of that war-torn country, shortly before the April 1975 fall of Saigon- now Ho Chi Minh City.  She was 4 months old when she joined our family in SC.  My parents worked with an agency called Friends of Children of Vietnam.  Read more of "operation babylift" here.
 My brother Scott and I loved our baby sister, though once I remember losing her 20 feet up in a pine tree.  About the time this picture was taken, Scott and I tied an old baby-swing to the top of a sapling, rode it down to the ground and decided to put Leah in it.  Apparently, we didn't understand that her weight was not enough to bring her back down to earth as it had us.  We eventually shimmied up the tree, brought her back down to safety, our parents none-the-wiser.
I don't recall Leah being an expert at clogging, but I do really love this picture.  Hey Mary Anne, Gilligan would love another coconut cream pie!

Leah, Colt, Gram and an overly enthusiastic Big Daddy, Thanksgiving 2010.

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