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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Things Have Been A Bit Quiet...

...on the Greenbeans Blog for a while, I realize.  The truth is, I've been a bit distracted and even a little uninspired as of late.  I have been dealing with the harsh reality of an economy gone bad- corporate downsizing.  Let me say up front, I did not lose my job in this process.  It is pretty much business as usual for me.  However, the personal turmoil involved in the "potential" to lose your job can be pretty tough.

I've known of the coming headcount reductions for several months now.  While I appreciate the transparancy on the matter, knowing what's coming is hard.  A friend of mine used the analogy, "If I'm gettting a heart-bypass, I don't necessarily want a play by play from the surgeon while I'm on the table.  Wake me up afterward and let me know what happened."  Well, I don't think that's the answer either, but the fact remains that changes in corporate structure are never pretty.  Ultimately, I can only hope that the end justifies the means and that sustainability and renewed growth is achieved.

There is one thing that I have learned through this long and difficult process.  If you are looking for job security in any company, you are playing a fools game.  You hold those keys, not corporate
America.  Your best bet for job security is not found in any company, but by making yourself highly employable.  And that is not totally achieved by a diploma or an impressive resume.  Mostly that lies in the day to day details of how well you do your current job and how far you press to create value.  Oh sure, in tough economic times it may not gaurantee the position you are currently in, but it sure opens doors to future opportunities.  And one fact remains- that no matter what happens, there's always something bigger and better waiting for you if you are prepared to earnestly and prayfully seek it out.


Todd R. Vick said...

Nice post, buddy. From one who was downsized 3 times in 2 years (twice from one place), I appreciated the thoughts you shared. "Make yourself more employable" was my favorite line. Whatever job I have had, I made it my goal to differentiate myself as much as possible from my peers. I found the best person and tried to exceed what they did. Has always served me well.

Alan said...

Great comments, Todd. I appreciate what you say and what you've been through. I really like your resilience and attitude in the face of change. Truly a winning attribute of a champion.