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Friday, September 17, 2010

There Are Things...

...that I will never fully understand- The theory of relativity; free-choice versus predestination; how wig kiosks in the mall make it. 
One thing I don't fully understand, but know to be true, is that we have some choice in how our day will go.  Oh, not that we can choose what will happen to us, but that we can mentally prepare ourselves for meeting the day's challenges with an air of optimism.  We can wake in the morning and say, "Lord, I don't know what today holds for me, but I do know that you are beside me and will guide my thoughts and actions."  Notice that I say "guide" my thoughts and actions and not "steer" them.  For in the end, He is my captain, offering the sound advice of a proven, surefooted navigator.  I, however, quite often ignore the iceberg that was pointed out some miles back.
Regardless of what today holds for me and my family, I will at least try to face it with the realization that my reaction to a situation will make it better- or worse.  Nothing in between.  And knowing that I am not facing this day alone makes all the difference.

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