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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


...are not always good. Tuesday morning, I read about a 38 year old man who was jogging down the beach in Hilton Head and was hit and killed by a small plane making an emergency landing. Apparently, the plane had lost a propeller and glided onto the beach. A wing caught the jogging man from behind (he was listening to his iPod as he ran), killing him instantly. Now that is surprising and tragic.
Today, I learned that the man killed by the plane was a GSK employee whom I have know for 13 years. Bob Jones was a terrific guy who leaves behind a wife and two small kids. Not to mention countless friends with great memories. He worked in our Oncology division for many years, was a great contributor to our business and a fun, joyful coworker.
No. Surprises are not always good.

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Rick said...

No, you're right. And now having a connection shouldn't make us sadder, but it does. Sorry for your loss, the family's loss, the company's loss - and for the pilot, knowing what happened in this "surprise".