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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Don't Know Why...

...I got on a kick of bashing Facebook some weeks ago. At the time I was under the delusion (probably instigated by stress and caffeine) that Facebook was one of the best examples of a social outlet which lacked authenticity. While I still believe that to a certain extent, I think it's also rather prevalent even under my own roof.

After all, what's the first thing you do when the doorbell unexpectedly rings? For me, I tuck in my shirt, throw the can of cheese whiz back in the pantry, quickly and neatly stack the strewn magazines and mail into one pile and, if I have time, sedate the dog. Voila! "Welcome to my home, Mr. UPS Man. Charmed!"

Then I began to examine the walls of my home, full of framed smiling faces and wonderful places. They even smile when I'm pounding the walls and yelling for the kids to hurry up. "We're late for church, you slacker ingrates!" And despite my seemingly non-Christian rants, the pictures continue to smile, reminding me of the times I didn't want to pack my bags and leave for Ireland. (or Conway or Aiken for that matter)

I guess the point is, what's the matter with putting on your best face? As long as in the end, we can be honest with ourselves, our family and friends. In the end, being "real" with one another is what friendship is all about. Anyway, I look forward to your next visit and we'll enjoy the remaining cheeze whiz in the pantry. You, of course, can have that first 1/2 inch of hardened squirt, my authentic gift to you.