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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Human Fund...

...was the fictional charity that George devised to save himself money during the Christmas season. Below is how I imagine that his card read. Check out the clip on YouTube by clicking here.

The rest of this commentary has been removed because my wife reminded me of a certain incident from over a year ago. I will learn by that famous removal of commentary and do the same. Thanks, Management

Chuck contemplates his fate


James said...

That pic of Charles is so odd, like a screen shot from some indie sci-fi movie. By the way, my family thanks you so much for the donation you made on our behalf to the Fund For Humanity.

Word Verification: Pestocen. Sounds like something from GSK.

Alan said...

That picture of Chuck was from his "blue" period. Pestocen is an ointment indicated to treat what you commonly call "crabs". Slogan: Zap those pests with Pestocen!