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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's in Your Wallet?

A popular credit card commercial begs the question, "So, what's in your wallet?" The answer for me, tonight at least is the following:
One drivers license with the sorriest red-faced photo you've ever seen

3 credit cards (all fully paid off each month!)

One company gas card

One ATM card

One Disney rewards card for our Orlando trip in a couple of weeks

A Smoothie King frequent buyer card (this was an impulse buy in Charleston- I didn't even want the card)

Various business expense receipts including parking fees and restaurants

United Healthcare card and a CVS prescription card

Sams Club membership

REI membership club (there is not one in Columbia)

Vision one card

My old dentist's business card (why?)

Voter registration for SC

Expired NC fishing license

Well, for some reason my back is killing me tonight. I must go soak it in a hot bath. Say, what's in your wallet, right now? Hmmm?


Chuck said...

The obligatory Dave Ramsey answer is this: Money!

Ok, let me pull her out...

In the fron fold (aka, the important stuff).
Debit Card
Barnes and Nobles Gift Card
Starbucks Gift Card
Regal Cinema Crown Club Card
Barnes and Nobles Membership Card
Best Buy Reward Zone Card
*Next Layer*
Tipping Card
HSLDA Membership Card
All State Gold Rewards Card
Aetna Dental PPO Card
Aetna Medical Card
Play N Trader Premier Member Card
AMC MovieWatcher Card
Sam's Club Membership Card
Employee Assistance Program Card
*Other Side*
Receipt from Super Cuts
EyeMed Vision Card
Firehouse Subs punch card
A Love letter from Cindy
A business card
My USC ID Card (???)
Salsarita's Punch Card
Supercuts Punch Card
*Picture Flap*
Engagement Picture
Family Picture
Picture of the Girls
Another Picture of the Girls
Picture of Katie
Another picture of Katie
Picture of Megan
Another picture of Megan
Picture of Infant Katie
Picture of me (USAF Uniform)
Picture of me (Basic Training)
Drivers license (I look mad)

George said...

You guys must have "George Costanza sized wallets". Several months ago I switched to a money clip with a few card pockets. I moved photos and important numbers to my phone. Herels what's left:
24 bucks
SC Driver's License
Auto Insurance Card
Blue Cross Ins Card
Debit Card
Amex Gold Card
2 Business cards
5 ATM Receipts
1 Uncashed check
1 Postit Note of Mini Storage prices

Oh Yeah, and 9 Ketchup Packets ;)

Kyle said...

Debit Card
Personal Credit Card
Company Credit Card
Bloom bonus Card
Ingles bonus Card
Piggly Wiggly bonus Card
Library Card
Insurance Card
Fishing License
Regal Cinemas Card
Biltmore Estate Pass
NRA Membership Card
Several post-it love notes from the wife
2 nephew pictures
2 wife pictures
1 wedding picture
7 million dollars in large bills

Alan said...

Wow. What's with all the love notes? I'm impressed. Things that stand out to me:
Chuck's tipping card- 10% X2calculated in your head would be way too generous and easy.
George's combination of unnamed business cards, condiments, uncashed check and storage unit prices is obviously the sign of a man about to leave his life and bolt.
Kyles wallet is a riddle. NRA membership, fishing license and Biltmore Estate Pass. Obviously a man's man, yet refined and suave.

James said...

You got mints in there too?