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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goodbye Dom

Well, Dom Deluise is no longer with us. I, for one, always thought he was hilarious. Here's one of my favorite Dom characters from Blazing Saddles.


George said...

I loved him in the movie HOT STUFF.

My verfication word is BULLSLY, a word that describes tall tales or possible bull$#!+. "Dom's bullsly stories always left you wondering whether or not they were true."

Kyle said...

"Sounds like steam escaping."
I used to love when he and Burt Reynolds would show up in bloopers during the credits of any movie they were in together.
Burt, who was probably drunk, would slap Dom like Moe slapping Larry and they would laugh. I always wished Dom would kick Burt in the rollers for that but he never did... A real classy guy.