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Saturday, December 6, 2008

One of the greatest problems when moving is the need for constant cleanliness in your home. It's not that the Greens live in filth any other time, it's simply that the house must be ready for show at any given moment. Books neatly aligned on the shelf, spotless floors, uncluttered counter tops, collection of chewed gum removed from hallway walls. You get the picture.
It seems as if the only "deep cleaning" we ever do is when we move. The surface cleaning aside, the only time the entire house is clean at one time, is in essence for show. Otherwise, the main rooms look great while the closets are a disaster. The toilets are clean while the garage is in shambles. The 1st floor is immaculate while the 2nd is an array of toys, dirty clothes and drying bras. This is really that rare time when a nosy Aunt could come by for the white glove treatment and stand a chance of giving you a passing grade. Terrific.
Well, I must go now. I have a toilet to destroy and dirt filled shoes to walk through the house in getting there. Homes, after all, are for living in and not simply showing.

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Rick said...

A man's home is his dirty stinking castle. Enjoy the restroom. And blame the mud on the kids.