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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Duke Chapel

Today, Meredith and I attended services at Duke Chapel in Durham. This is one of the most impressive structures in the Triangle area and the atmosphere is simply inspiring. We enjoyed our Sunday morning visit very much.
Of particular note was the organ music. Now, I'm not a big fan of the organ, but with the accoustics of the cathedral and the 3 on-site organs (Flentrop, Aeolian, Brombaugh) it makes for an incredible experience. Meredith said it sound like "Phantom". She's right. Most music was played in a minor key and ended in major for the final chord. Still, the experience left me with more of a focus on Christ and less of Andrew Lloyd Weber, which is the most important point.


Rick said...

Made me think of our daughter. Around the time she was born, former Duke point guard Bobby Hurley and his wife had a baby girl and named her Cameron after Cameron Indoor Stadium there on campus. We liked the way that fit with our grandmothers' names, so we named our daughter after the basketball arena as well, however indirectly it may have been.

If we had done that for her here at USC, she would be Frank Maguire Elizabeth instead.

Alan said...

Beats Death Valley.

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