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Sunday, August 24, 2008

By the Author of....

A friend of mine in Sunday School has just written a book. Skip owns a mortgage company and in his spare time (I assume things are a bit slow these days) wrote a book about the finer points of finding the right mortgage. It will be on Amazon sometime next week (seriously).

Anyway, it occurred to me how much I would love to write a book, but frankly, can never find the time. I barely hack out this nonsense every week. Nonetheless, to mention that you were a published author would make for some kick-butt dinner conversation. It certainly beats my current dialogue about once having eaten kangaroo. But that story is best left to another entry.

I think that I do have some literary talent, but it never extends further than a title. The rest is much to much like... work, or something. So, if I were to ever write my masterpiece, here are a few title options to consider:

"The Absence of Being"- This could be one of those deep, thoughtful books which nobody ever really reads all the way through. Could become a movie with Gwyneth Paltrow.
"A Candle For Albert"- Either a children's story about a one year old's birthday, or the death of an Uncle.
"Saving Mrs. Doubtfire"- Robin Williams visits southern France.
"An Egg Story"- This is a challenge I threw out to Jay Kirk some months back... still looking for his interpretation of this story.
"Dunderheads"- Either a story of an ill-fitted band of soldiers or, perhaps, one of those team sports novels.
"When Your Boss is a Hick; and Other Rhyming Words"- enough said.
"Cook Like You Mean It"- A cookbook for men who want to be studly and refined.
"Falling On Beanbags"- I'm just not sure about this one...
"This Solitary Man- The Life Of Stringbean Wilson"
"With Benefits"- Teen coming of age book.
"Fit"- Just one of those words with multiple meanings which could easily be woven into a story. Well, easily if I wanted to get past the title alone.

What would be the title and topic of your novel?


Steve said...

I've thought about a novel as well. It seems all the folks in our circle of friends have had this thought pass through their respective brains. What if we divided the task? You could kick it off, giving us a working title and an opening paragraph, then pass it over to the next person. Each person would add a paragraph in sequence. Could be literary gold.

I read a funny email once about two college students who had to write a story. The exercise was to show how differently the sexes think. Have you seen it?

Alan said...

I have not seen it, however, it sounds funny. Pass it on if you can, Steve. I think your idea is a good one, by the way. Sounds like a funny game.

Ferdlings said...

There was a book called "Naked Came the Manatee", I think, where a different writer wrote each chapter. They just got what was previously written and did the next part. Dave Barry was one of them.

James said...

Working on that egg story....