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Monday, February 4, 2008

What's in a name?

As someone who goes by my middle name, I am very aware of the difficulties that can arise because of a name. For example, I have a friend named Gregory Lloyd. As you can guess, often his name is inverted to Lloyd Gregory, which I suppose would be fine. However, the name Lloyd is up there on the popularity scale of, say, Larry. Or perhaps, Rupert.

Whatever your personal preference, names often add complexity to our professional lives. Nobody can find Richard A. Green in a phonemail system when they only knew you as the blonde guy named Alan. So, a quick switch of the name, Alan.R.Green, and well- there you go. Now I have ensured that anyone who actually knows my real name (in the correct order) will never find me. What's a feller to do?

I suppose I can just be glad my name isn't Lloyd. ( apologies to my old friend Rev. Brewer. You'll always be the best of the Lloyds, to me)


George said...

What was the name Steve Martin's character used as a con-man name in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"? Reprecht? "Not Mother?" Hilarious!

Charlotte said...

Lloyd Dobbler was a pretty good Lloyd.

Chuck said...

I miss Rupert's in 5 Points. Best Wings and Best Floppy Chips. Mmmmm.