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Saturday, January 5, 2008

"Stringbean"Wilson Needs Your Help

Elijah "Stringbean" Wilson has been doing what he does best for over 70 years. Creating music and writing lyrics that reflect his personality and experience. Most of his songs tell stories as what can only be categorized as "the blues".

Alas, Stringbean needs your help. He has begun what could be his greatest musical achievement, but has fallen short in the lyrics department. Only you can remove his long-standing mental block. Here's the first few lines of his masterpiece. Any help with additional lyrics and concepts will surely place your name somewhere in the annals of history and possibly Stringbean's next song.

"Hungry Man" Music by Stringbean Wilson, Lyrics by Stringbean and ??? (Moderate Blues)

You're like Peanut Butter Baby- On the lips of a starvin' man

You're like Peanut Butter Mama- On the lips of a starvin' man

I'll spread you on some whitebread

with a big ol' glop o' jam


Now I like oyster crackers, or cheezewiz in a can

But step inside my pantry, in a Jif your Peter Pan

You're like Peanut butter, baby

smooth and creamy, golden tan

Just one more heaping spoonful

Come and feed this hungry man...

Unfortunately, here's where Stringbean's creative genius ends. Can you help Mr. Wilson out with some other verses that deal with feeding a "Hungry Man"? If you accept the challenge, please place your post here...


George said...

Here's some lyrics to continue the song...

Verse 2
You're like a marshmallow, Suga’ – sweet and sticky to da’ core

You're like a marshmallow, Darlin’ – soft and puffy, that’s fo’ sho’.

But sandwich us together
and we’ll make one messy Smore.

Now I like melted chocolate, and marshmallows’ on a stick.

But back up from my campfire, or you’re bound to burn up quick.

You're like marshmallow, baby
fat and fluffy, white as snow

Just one more gooey mouth full
Feed this hungry man some mo’...

Sardines, Vienna Sausages, and smoked oysters are a riot.

But without yo’ lovin baby, its like bein’ on a diet.

You got my stomach achin, and innards are on fire,

Cause. Baby, you’re my tripe and chitlins in the fryer.

Rick said...

It's too early for a coherent thought, but something with a cup of coffee and a dollop of creamer - that would be romantic. Like:

You're like a cup of coffee, sweetie - dark and hot and staining the rug

You're like a cup o' java, honey,
just needs a little sweet-n-low

... something like that.

George said...

Rick, how could you NOT rhyme "rug" with "mug" in lyrics about coffee? I know your literary talents are better than THAT. Go drink some coffee and get back on this.

mervyblog said...

Can't believe it took me this long to find this...
I kept hearing you guys talk about this during the birthday bash, but it didnt sink in.
Here's my attempt...
You like a creamy mocha latte,
a hot flamin mocha java,
You drive yo coffee bean man crazy,
pourin on yo burnin hot lava.
Gonna find out things get a little hazy,
when you cant find anotha word to ryhme with java!