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Friday, January 4, 2008

Another NonGoogleable

If I were to judge my level of importance in this world by hits on a search engine, I'm sad to say that all would be lost. I am just not out there on the web and quite obviously, up to now, one of several things has failed to occur:

1) I've not experienced any success worth posting
2) I have had no great scandals in my life worth posting
3) I've never really known anyone with the ability/willingness to write something about me on the internet
4) As in this blog, my full name has never been used

There is one other possibility, and that is I am actually on the net but so far down the queue that no rational person with any life responsibilities would ever actually find me. OK, to me conducting a search on myself felt a bit strange. First of all, I realize what a complete group of flakes actually are going through life with my name. It's a bit maddening to think that someone could potentially get me mixed up with Alan *** with the mullet and mop, or the Alan **** with all the cats. I like cats (and mullets and mops for that matter), but that's not what I want you, dear internet searcher, to associate with the center of my life.
And so, to date, I remain obscure and, well, missing from the internet. Another nonGoogleable. But I guess in order of things important to me... that's just fine.

Do you have an interesting story about your search for internet identity? I'd love to here about it!


Rick said...

Might I first comment on the handsomeness of your Mii.

If you google me (please, let me know it's coming - unexpected googling is just wrong), you find all my former blogs and email lists, and that I am a a technician in Kansas and a chicken farmer in the UK. Nothing funny to add - just glad that "I" am really ahead of the fowl.

Kyle said...

I'm a pretty good guitarist from the mid-west. I've got an album or two out. I'm trying to get one of my tour-shirts, but I can't seem to navigate the myspace page with my name.

Steve said...

I Googled myself one time. Even narrowed it down a bit by including "Lieutenant Colonel" and "Air Force" along with it. Apparently there's a LTC in the AF with my same name who is an avid comicbook collector and has put together quite a collection, one certainly worthy of internet fame. I couldn't help but think that all my friends might think I'd turned into that comic book collector from the Simpsons.

Chuck said...

Google "Greenbeans" and "Alan" and you get George.

Go Figure.

Rick said...

Funny, Chuck - I asked George's parents about that and they said, "yeah, that's the way it worked out." So there you go.

George said...

Since I am a third generation carrying the same name, I'm not surprised by the other George Ni*******'s that show up on a Google search. However, if you look me up on Wikipedia, you will learn that I was a printer, born in Keighley, West Yorkshire, and lived from 1760 to 1825. Now THAT'S weird.

James said...

I would never bother searching for my name on Google. There will probably be 1.2 billion results for Trekker fan pages.

Martha said...

I googled my maiden name and found Chuck's and James' blog! They were discussing me on a Miss Moneypenny post as I was part of their English project movie.

Now that is odd - google your name and find your high school friends conversing about you. But hey - it got me in the bloggosphere and caught up with my HS pals.