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Sunday, April 24, 2011

(Part 2) Leslie And I Had A Night Without Kids...

... recently, so we decided to try a local restaurant for the first time in quite a while.  Now Lexington Arms Restaurant and Lounge has been serving food to locals since the 1970s.  In fact, the place still looks like 1975 and the only things missing are lava lamps, a couple of beanbags and a cigarette machine at the front door.  The clientele too are generally silver haired and have put in an extra bit of Super Poligrip in celebration of Prime Rib Friday.

Leslie and I looked around and for a moment thought about leaving, but we were already in the door and seated.  We were sort of trapped anyway because as we were being hurriedly whisked to our seats, the waitress had given us the "'s kinda slow tonight" routine, which basically is like saying I need your paltry tip so that my 4 children can eat.  Besides, I do love prime rib.

As I sat buttering my bread, I looked at Leslie and said, "We are our grandparents".  And, at that moment, we really were, sitting there in a totally outdated "lounge", surrounded by groups of chattering retirees.  We were soon all heartily eating our medium rare prime rib, sipping a small glass of wine, munching our bread.  I pictured us also eating congealed aspic salad, some warm prunes and finishing it all off with a cup of decaff, perhaps a small slice of hummingbird cake.

"Did you enjoy your meal, dear?"
"Darned tootin', Sweety, that was one peach of a meal.  Now let's go home and get ready for bed- decaff is kicking in and it's almost half past 8.  If we hurry, we can catch a 60 Minutes rerun."

Another night without kids wasted.  My sciatica was acting up anyway!

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Rick said...

Is that a photo of your meal? If so, yumm. If not, I'll need to train you in the ways of proper foodspotting. And as you know, ANY night without the kids is a good time. Love on 'em, but they'll move away - she won't.