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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cotillion... one of those words rarely used and not easily spelled.  The traditional meaning is simply, "A ball used for society to introduce young ladies".  In my house, it has become synonymous with "manners class" or that "embarrassing dance class" that occurs every few weeks.  In any case, both of my daughters have participated and, I think, enjoyed it to a degree though they would never admit it.

Last night, I was proud to accompany my youngest daughter, Jenna, to a Cotillion Ball.  She was lovely and so grown up looking.  After the dance, we enjoyed dinner together and it was a special evening.  She is growing up fast.  And she's a great dancer to boot.  Looks like those lessons are paying off.
Grant, George's son, was also there.  Here he tells Melba to, "... put a little something in the punch to kick it up a notch, and be quick about it.  I've got to get back out there and win a dance contest."  Grant walked away with 2 dance contest recognitions that night.

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The Nicholsons said...

First, wow - your daughter is quite a lovely young lady. Second, that picturte of Grant (who looks quite dashing!) is awesome, made even better by your caption. All I can say is, you'd better get used to young men resorting to liquid courage to ask your beautiful daughters to dance.