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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Was Just Wondering...

...why people with bumper stickers all over their car find it necessary to make public statements about their personal beliefs.  I would equate it to someone in line at the grocery store looking in your buggy and making comments about how they think your life should be.

"I see you have a whole chicken in there.  Hmmm, I would never support the massive, industry coordinated death of a living creature to feed my insatiable hunger for meat."

"Well, I would and it's delicious.  Now please move along- don't you have some candles or soap to make?"  I would say this as I unloaded my sausage and steak onto the conveyor belt.

"Coexist"?  I thought I was.  "Cat on board"?  I prefer babies.  "Don't Blame Me, I Didn't Vote For Him"?  Now I'm just confused.  Who are we talking about and who cares anyway?  If you feel so compelled to spout your beliefs on the back of you car, then please allow me to say what I would to any common loudmouth in the grocery store line- "Thanks for your opinion but I'll form my own thank you.  Oh, and "Have A Nice Day"!


George said...

We should sell bumper stickers that say "opinionated bumper stickers are stupid!"

The Nicholsons said...

The ones that hurt me are all of the anti-Yankee stickers out there, so can you make me one that says "Southern opinionated bumper stickers are stupid. Up North our opinionated bumper stickers were wicked better."

George said...

Nikki, we Southerners can barely understand you, please slow down and type your blog comments slower.

PS: "wicked" made me smile.

Leslie said...

How about one that says, "I got Tiger Blood, Bro!" or "My brain is more highly developed than you trolls", although that's a bit long for a sticker.

You could develop an entire franchise of Charlie Sheen bumper quotes! We'll be rich!