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Friday, November 5, 2010


... Carolina sports announcer, Bob Fulton, passed away the other day.  He was 89 years old.  Leslie called me to share the news and it saddened my day.  He was not only a familiar voice dating back to my childhood, but an acquaintance who touched my life.

Mr. Fulton was a member of our church and regularly attended services and special events.  A couple of months ago I sat down in the pew next to him and asked for a favor.  I wanted to record his voice (The voice of the Carolina Gamecocks) giving the morning wake-up call to the troops in Afghanistan serving with my friend Chris Neeley.  Mr. Fulton eagerly agreed to do it, wanting to give back in some way to those troops fighting overseas.  He also suggested supplying some of his books, signed by himself of course, as a gift to Chris.  However, he asked that I wait a few weeks until he first settled in his new assisted living home in Lexington.  I asked if I could pay him for the books and he said, "Never.  I don't sell books anymore. This is a gift for your friend."

Well, obviously the opportunity for recording "The Voice" has been lost.  But Mr. Fulton left me with a gift that was much greater than a recording and a few signed books.  Mr. Fulton was eager to serve and enthusiastic about giving.  In that sense, he was the rarest of celebrities; willing to give honor rather than receive it.  South Carolina will miss him.

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