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Monday, June 21, 2010


...revolutionized movie rental for me a few years back. Until then, I routinely rented movies and just as routinely paid late return fees. It struck me then as now that late fees played on my greatest vulnerability as I suffer from CRS syndrome. CRS stands for "Can't Remember Stuff" or something like that. In any case, late fees in my home were the normal cost of doing business.

However, just like that, Netflix comes along and saves me. To be frank, now my problem is not remembering to return the movies but rather remembering that I even have them. They show up in the mail and despite my best of intentions to watch a movie with family and friends, life gets in the way. And that's OK with Netflix. They are just fine with me hanging on to "Weekend at Bernies" for another 8 months until I get around to watching it. Just as long as I pay my monthly fee.

The other day, George introduced me to a new Netflix advantage. You can now watch movies instantly (select titles) on your Wii. It's really easy to sign up for and set up and I can watch a ton of movies and still keep Bernie safely by my side. Genius.

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