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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Remember...

...Doing the Time Warp. Let's do the Time Warp again- er, or not! A couple of nights ago, though we did not know it at the time, my lovely wife and I sat down for a Netflix disaster. It seems that there are certain memories which are worth... not remembering. One such memory was of the cult classic, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". I will save you the effort in reliving the film by naming a few things which I had forgotten:

  1. The movie was so low-budget it made "The Blair Witch Project" look like "Avatar".

  2. Tim Curry is spectacular, if you like stained teeth and drag.

  3. Bonus- You do get to see a young and very nude Susan Sarandon, albeit as a plaster statue. Caution- ain't worth the investment.

  4. The movie is so blatantly gay that Paul Lynde would blush.

  5. While Meatloaf does makes a brief and forgettable appearance, the only good song from this musical is the one I quoted at the opening of this blog entry.

OK. So I've saved you some time and perhaps saved you some cash. The bottom line is, renter beware. Your distant cinematic memories often should stay that way. For there is no sweeter memory than the one which has been deeply eroded by the flowing waters of time. The sharp edges taken away and replaced with glossy, slightly blurred impressions. Instead, two hours of my life were lost, needlessly remembering a close up of of Tim Curry's lips and a cast of rejects doing the time warp. God help us all.


Ferdlings said...

I beg to differ. Every time I settle in to watch that film, I'm filled with antici....pation.

And who doesn't like RiffRaff?

dargos - Dargos the Rocky Horror again.

Alan said...

Perhaps I watched it too late. After 8:00pm and after 40 years of age...