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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Crazy Hat Party... a party where people come wearing, uh...crazy hats. Now, while this sound pretty far fetched, it's really a blast. Imagine, everyone comes wearing a hat which they created, that displays something that's special to them. It could be a holiday (an Arbor Day hat would rock); a person (imagine the possibilities of an Elvis hat); an historical event (those British Dragoons wore some funky headgear); a hobby (my hat of geocaching is awesome); a religion (Does the Pope wear a funny hat?); a place (Leslie is wearing a hat dedicated to the Hawaiian islands). Just about any topic will do.

Short on cash and ideas, I thought about what kind of hat I should make for the Crazy Hat Sunday School Party which was to occur that evening. Over my lunch of fried chicken, mayonnaise and pickle on a bun, a moment of genius occurred. Krispy Kreme was right down the street, begging me to make a donut hat. However, practical as I am, I decided to stick with a Chick-Fil-A themed hat, as I was already here and too lazy to drive down to the donut shop.

I won first place that night and dedicated my winning hat to the Foundations Sunday School class the next morning. I'd say that was a good day of hat creating. And it was much easier than making an geocaching Elvis in a Pope hat.


Ferdlings said...

Say, that is a funny hat. I would have worn a Carolina Panthers hat. That's crazy!

George said...

Well Done! I wish my Sunday School class would have Crazy Hat and Funky Shirt parties. Looks like you won both!