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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Blessings...

...are different things to different people. I've been thinking a lot about a blog that my buddy Todd recently posted entitled, "Too Blessed To Be Stressed". I think he was spot on in his analysis of what most Americans consider to be "God's Blessings". Some may say, "I am blessed because I have things", but isn't that just slick way of saying "I have more blessings (er, things) because God really likes me better than most"?
My pastor, incidentally, made the same point, last night, in a different way. He said, "If you are following Christ for the "blessings", you are committing idolatry. Good point. There is perhaps another way to look at this as well and from the opposite direction. How many of us dwell on the crap called life that hits us between the eyes while completely ignoring what are truly blessings from God?
I suppose that for me, the true test of whether something is a "blessing" seems to center less around "things" and more around people. My family and friends, kith and kin bless me daily. And I know without doubt that they have been sent directly from God. As for my new Blu Ray that the jolly fat man left me last night, not so much. Ah, but the coupon book from my 11 year old daughter with 1 free shoulder massage, among other things she thought would be nice... a priceless blessing.

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