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Monday, June 22, 2009

Searching for Sanford

As a child, one of my favorite television shows was Sanford and Son. Later, as teenagers, some friends of mine and I even made a recorded spoof called "Dan Ward and Son". Dan Ward was our highschool band director. Embarrassingly, I still have it on cassette somewhere.

Anyway, I was wondering whatever happened to Dan, since last I heard he was caught with a band booster mom in the parking lot of the high school he was working in. I heard he was really keeping some serious 4/4 time in his Gremlin. Then, I began to wonder something more important. Whatever, happened to Lemont from Sanford and Son. That 70s fro and mustache with the tight jeans and matching leisure style jacket.

From what I can gather on the Internet, Demond Wilson is a Christian. In 1984, Wilson became an ordained minister, fulfilling his childhood vow. Later, in 1994, he founded Restoration House, a center that helps rehabilitate former prison inmates by providing mentoring, spiritual guidance and vocational training. Pretty cool.

Interestingly enough, Demond is his middle name. His first name is Grady. Wouldn't Fred and Bubba be proud.


George said...

I thought this post was going to be about our missing governor, but I like this topic more. I don't remember anything about a Dan Ward spoof song, so I want to hear it asap. Wamp wamp wamp whaa whamp...

James said...

Ironic, yes, considering Red Foxx's real name was Sanford.

James said...

Oh yes, Ward and Son.... HA!