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Saturday, December 27, 2008

A New Kind of Sunday

I've decided I'd like to shake up Sunday mornings, starting tomorrow. We are currently in the sad routine which occurs every morning on the "Lord's Day". Leslie and I wake up late, make a mad dash for the shower, slurp some coffee, yell at the kids, yell at each other, eat a cereal bar in the car, yell at the kids some more... all in an effort to go worship our heavenly Father.

Tomorrow, shall be different. I will get up early and be fully prepared for a morning of glorious praise and singing. I will open my heart to all things Godly and pour out loads of fatherly love and wisdom to my children. There will be joy, giggles and hugs tomorrow morning in the Green household. Yes, that sounds wonderful.

And if the kids get out of line, I'll lovingly but firmly redirect them. And I suppose if that doesn't work, I'll have to beat their stinkin' butts one more time, just like every other Sunday morning. Aahh. A new day begins tomorrow.


Kyle said...

Let us know how that pans out.

Charlotte said...

That sounds remarkably like our Sundays. I had a melt down in the car one Sunday morning - loudly declaring "You know who we are? We're the Late People. I hate being the Late People!" I then firmly declared that we would get up at the same time we get up during the week and sit around in church clothes until it was time to go, leaving the house calmly and collectedly.

That didn't exactly work out.

Ferdlings said...

Alan, I thought you said you went bowling Sunday morning? Was that a nice way or saying 'yell at the kids'?

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bertiver: a guy who tries to change his Sunday morning routine to no avail.

Alan said...

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eakerlys- People who's voice tends to get higher as anxiety levels increase.

Paul, you are quite observant. Bowling on Sunday morning is code for the Latin phrase- Assus beatus redus. "10 frames" generally means that a blunt instrument was used, such as a shoe.