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Monday, November 17, 2008

Tsali Trails

I had a terrific weekend with George and several of my coworkers (Bryan, Steve and Mark) riding mountain bikes in the Natahala National Forest on the Tsali Trails. This is a series of mountain biking/hiking/horseback riding trails in Western NC which represents a challenge to any level of biker.
The thing I enjoyed most was the melding of old friendships (George) and newer friendships (the rest). All the guys who went are terrific people, all dedicated to family and Christ. We also had a pretty good time watching the Godfather movies, 1 and 2.

One of the highlights included watching Steve mountainbike in rain and 45 degree weather... in flipflops.


The Nicholsons said...

Very impressed. Also, in the second to last picture you could be the Wiggles. Moutain biking Wiggles - the colors are perfect.

George said...

HA! The Mountain Biking Wiggles! I love it!

Alan said...

Well played Nicki, well played.