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Monday, September 22, 2008

Aunt Rose

I love my Aunt Rosemary. She and my Uncle Warren live in Virginia and for the past few months she has been battling breast cancer. The chemotherapeutics have worked well to destroy the cancer, but as you may know, the medicines also destroys some healthy cells and can cause side effects.

I joked with her, pointing out that she is one of the "less than 1 percenters". That is, in any drug label, uncommon side effects are listed as affecting less than one percent of the population on drug. She, unfortunately, experienced them all. The great thing is that she has completed all of her rounds of chemotherapy. She has recovered nicely from surgery and is beginning to feel like herself, albeit, a tired self.

Please say a prayer for my Aunt and her family and for all those who deal with a disease which can be cruel and, frankly, unfair.


Melanie said...

Hi Alan!!!!!! Wow, that's so sweet what you said about my mom, and I know you she appreciates it! It has meant a lot to her that you have been checking her progress throughout this whole mess. I wouldn't wish what she has gone through on anyone, but it shows me that my mom is much stronger then I gave her credit for. Thank you for keeping us all in your prayers. Love you....your best cousin ever...Melanie :) My word verification is nrmacquz. I've sat here for 20 minutes thinking about this word and I have nothing. I guess my creative juices aren't flowing right now.

Alan said...

Melanie: Nrmacquz- That is a hard one. Your Mom has always made me feel special. Even as a little boy. She means a lot to me.