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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bigfoot in Georgia

Yesterday, I read a titillating story (word still makes me giggle) about two men who found Bigfoot's dead body in Georgia. While I was saddened by the prospect that this elusive creature was finally dead, the apparent victim of a stray bullet, I also wondered what type of adventures he may have faced while making his way from the northern California to the deep south. And why would he go to Georgia? Was he visiting relatives? Vacationing, perhaps? It's far more likely, given his age, he was retiring, tired of his life of running from weirdos with shaky 8 millimeter cameras.

As for me, my life has been filled with Bigfoots for as long as I can remember. As I recall, like many of you, my first exposure to Bigfoot was on Leonard Nimoy's, In Search Of. I remember having watched that episode on a Sunday night, hardly sleeping at all. After all, when Mr. Spock describes a large, hairy creature wandering the woods, most 5 year old are going to listen. Years later, Jack Black (explicit) wrote a song about that episode, having apparently affected him as well.

Some of my favorite "Bigfoots" include:

1) The giant pickup truck that can crush a car by running over it. There have been times on I-40 that I would have loved to have been in that truck.

2) The fat, barefoot guy in one of my classes my freshman year in college. We called him Sasquatch behind his back. His cracked, flaking feet were disgustingly dirty.
3) Shaquille O'Neal- size 21 shoe.

4) The world's largest cowboy boots, outside of a mall in Dallas, TX.

5) My late, great-grandfather, Granddaddy Green. His feet were not that big, but his toe-nails were long and yellow. Probably much like Bigfoot himself.

6) I seem to recall that Rick Stillwell had large feet. I know that his younger brother, Jeff, did.


Rick said...

Rick, size 12 / Jeff, size 15 / and literally following in the footsteps, 12-yr-old Trace, size 11. Boo yah.

Alan said...

Just as I suspected! Good memory, huh?

George said...

I heard that the Georgia hunters tempted the gentle giant with Jack Links Beef Jerkey. The they followed him to his lair, throught the glowing rotating tunnel you might recall from the Six Million Dollar Man episode.

Also, I think the Hendersons drove him (Harry) to Georgia.

Martha said...

I used to think that the Six Million Dollar Man was way cool (especially the openeing sequence). But somewhere along the way it began oozing cheeze. Must have been that martian machine episode and the sasquatch story was hokey too.

Ferdlings said...

Wasn't Bigfoot an alien on the 6 million dollar man episode? (a two part episode, if memory serves). He also really scared me as a child. I remember a cameo he made on The Waltons that really got me.

Chuck said...

Alan - Where did you pull out the In Search of Reference...Great Beans man, I cant get the theme song out of my head now.


Alan said...

That is one kick butt theme song!