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Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a week... A great one, that is!

Last week was one of the best of my life. It had nothing to do with work, however. That was still, as most weeks, a bit of a drag. No, the joy had everything to do with family and friends.
It started with a Saturday (June 21) visit to the Coffey family's Lake Gaston home. Our family's had a great day on the lake and really enjoyed our time together.
This weekend, we spent the weekend at the Fitch's family beach house in Ocean Isle, NC. In fact, we just pulled in from that trip, moments ago. Leslie is unloading the car and should have my dinner on the table very soon. ;-)
Those family events were great bookends to the real event. The "pi├Ęce de resistance"- Monday, June 23, my youngest daughter accepted Christ. This acknowledgement was a decision she made on her on and with great excitement. Jenna was riding in the car with Leslie and her older sister, Meredith. They were all discussing life after death and assurances of salvation. (This has been a common discussion in our family, especially since the recent death of Leslie's brother). At some point in the discussion Jenna announced that she was ready to accept Christ, but with the caveat that she would prefer to do it at church. Wouldn't you know it, just as she was saying this, Leslie was driving past a small chapel along the side of the road. Jenna had found her place and her time, and there at that small chapel, she dedicated herself to her God and Saviour. I am deeply convicted that there are no coincidences when it comes to such matters.
What a great week for this humbled and grateful father.


Chuck said...

There are days, and then, there are days. That was a great one, and one for the record books.


Todd said...

To employ an extremely worn out church phrase, "Ain't God good?"

George said...

AMEN! (Said with a Lloyd B. accent.)

Seriously, I always heard that all the angels in heaven rejoice when someone accepts Christ. I'm not sure if that's really in the Bible, but I know we're all happy about it, so something good must be going inup there.

Steve said...

That is a great day!