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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thesbians, unite!

Well, I don't know exactly how it happened, but this weekend I was in a play. No, not some dinner theater or way-off-Broadway deal. This was a church production at its best. I was the dad in the play, "King of the Jungle", which is a really cute children's story with a great message. It held a lot of great musical numbers which included (of course) a rendition of Stephen Curtis Chapman's "King of the Jungle".

The kids did a great job and remembered all of their respective lines. I remembered very few of mine, but was able to fake my way through most of it. In fact, at the last minute and without the permission of the director, I used a notebook as a prop. Of course as you can guess, it secretly held my script which I from time to time perused as if taking notes. All while the kids sang. Cheesy and yet effective!
How did I land this coveted role, you might ask? Well it helps when your real life daughter lands the role of the "daughter" in the play. Enough said. When asked, I accepted the role before realizing that I had to memorize over 8000 lines. Oh well. Meredith knocked 'em dead with her performance as "Cassy", Jenna wowed 'em with a solo, and I... well, I managed not to fall off of the stage and soil myself. All in all a good day.

By the way, even at 40 the word thesbian still makes me giggle.


James said...

Nubs, "thesbian" will always crack a smile so long as you are connected with that term. What's next for you..."Law and Order?"

Todd said...

Dook, you always were a master thesbian.

George said...

You think "thesbian" is a funny word. Have you ever noticed how we all smile whenever we say Leslie's name?