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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ugly Business

I've been travelling a bit this week- Monday through Wednesday in Philadelphia, Wednesday through Friday in Dallas. Anyone who flies on a plane to a distant destination from time to time realizes that every region has it's own sense of fashion and style. San Francisco clothing is bright and cheerful (often rainbow), the Midwest is reserved and "outdoorsy", New York suits are black and often accompanied by stoic resistance to eye contact. Anyway, the point is that style can be dependant on where you are. I once wore a shirt from that looked like the Partridge Family tour bus to a posh Philadelphia bar. I felt like a Beverly Hillbilly. Oh well.

Ugly, for that matter, is not a word that means the same thing to everyone. Just as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", ugly is a very subjective word. Perhaps that night in Philly, I was the ugly one in the bar, whereas if sitting by the buffet at Ryan's in Columbia, SC, I would have been the hit of the show. Make your own decisions about what or who in this world you would consider "ugly", but beware- you could be next.

Check out the folks at "UglyNY" a talent agency specializing in unique human beings. Remember, as another adage says, "Variety is the spice of life".


George said...

I like how UglyNY has their talent categorized as Men, Women, and Other. Variety Indeed.

James said...

I am curious to see this Partridge Family bus shirt of yours...

Kyle said...

Accepted world-wide.