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Friday, February 29, 2008

Spell Check Over-ride

A was perusing Paul's blog profile the other day. (OK- that even sounds weird to me) The truth is, I have become interested in the movies and books that friends of mine enjoy. Anyway, in looking at Paul's favorite books I ran across an intriguing title: "The Price of Tides". Hmmmm. I immediately wrote Paul a note asking exactly how much Tide cost these days. After all, I may be the next contestant on the Price is Right. What fascinates me is that Paul is just the kind of guy to deliberately misspell a word in a title for effect. In fact, Charlotte pointed out that there were several other bloggers who listed the "Price of Tides" as a personal favorite. Interesting.
It occurs to me, that whether deliberate or by accident, the devices that we employ to make us appear smarter are not without their limitations. If I were writing my friend the following sentences, all would check out as correct:
"Let's attend the meet together"
"Let's tend the meat together"
One is apparently an invitation to the track, while the other is clearly an excuse to burn meat over an open flame while consuming cold beer. Both sound like fun no matter how they are spelled.
What is your misspelling story?


Charlotte said...

I read a blog posting one time that began "A was perusing Paul's blog..." and I immediately assumed the writer meant "I was perusing Paul's blog..." But then I realized tht writer's name begins with the letter A. Was it a typo? Or was he referring to himself in the first person, like George did in that Seinfeld episode ("George is getting upset!") And then I considered the merits of referring to myself in the first person, by initial only. "Hey...C wants some chicken!" or "Turn that down - C's trying to sleep!" C wonders what that would do to her cool factor.

Charlotte said...

Now that C thinks about, C realizes she meant to say "third person", not "first person". C finds this whole series of events rather ironic.

Kyle said...

I depends own spill check all the time.. I shore dew.

Alan said...

Charlotte, you discovered just the point I was trying to make at the very beginning of my post. I wish, however, that I could honestly claim to be that brilliant. The typo shall remain proudly unchanged.

Ferdlings said...

I'm proud to have a blog that engages people in conversation and thought. All you guys are snarter than me. I don't evan no the price of tides.

George said...

I preferred "The Loads of Discipline"