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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


OK, I've done it. I've started a blog. And to be perfectly transparent, I have no idea what that actually means or what is now expected of me. I'm not even sure what the word "blog" means or from where it derived, but perhaps that is a topic for another day.

If you have arrived here by accident, that's perfectly acceptable. Please feel free to peruse my musings. For my friends and family who have entered this site deliberately, please feel free to discount most of what I say since I was never a Rhodes Scholar nor am I an expert in any particular field. In fact, I would love to tell you that I will spend countless hours updating this blog with heavily-researched and valuable insights. The sad fact is, I will occasionally post a funny picture or a short, indescriminate thought. And so, if you read this (assuming you still are) you will probably not laugh very much and likely you will never cry. Your feelings will probably remain moderately in flux somewhere between those two states. Much like a key note address by Al Gore (pre-beard and fat) or, if you prefer, a 5:00pm on a Friday conference call with your mid-level boss, I shall say enough to be heard but not enough to over-extend our time together. You're way too busy for that and I don't have the energy.

But enough of the disclaimers. For those who care, read on... read on. Your Greenbeans await. After all, we only are allotted so many hours of wasted time each day.


George said...

Ah, I get to make the first comment on your otherwise pristine blog. Welcome to the Blogsphere, my friend. I'm sure will now find many ways to stretch your allotment of hours for time-wasting to a new max.

Todd said...

Dook! You're here! In the blogosphere! Have a cup o' cheer!

With George, and a host of others, I welcome you to the world of blogging.

Love to your family!

Kyle said...

What a great first blog.
I see greatness in your future.
Cool blog title too!

Rick said...

Welcome to the bandwagon. Enjoy your stay - and if you don't post, we'll stalk you.

Ferdlings said...

Welcome, Capital A, I look forward to not having my feelings moved in any way, as per your instructions. And I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

Chuck said...

WOW! New Year's Wish #1 has come to pass.

Welcome aboard and look forward to the button down musings of AG

Steve said...

Welcome to the party, pal! I was a little apprehensive with all of this blogging stuff too at first. This has turned out to be a great way to catch up with and renew old friendships.